EBOOK - 30 Days to A Clean House

Kimberly D'Souza
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Grab My Saucy Little Cleaning Secrets ...

30 Days to a Clean House is a proven, step by step, house cleaning plan that will teach you how to clean your house, bit by bit, over a period of 30 days, without freaking out!

Cleaning your house for 30 consecutive days is not easy. But it's totally doable once you have a proper plan. This ebook contains guided cleaning instructions and daily cleaning plans for each day, to help you out. It also contains useful cleaning tips and ideas on how to help make cleaning easy and how to keep your house always clean. And best of all, you even receive some bonuses and surprise freebies to help you stay on track and achieve success!'

Why do you need this ebook?

  • With the help of a simple cleaning schedule, and a proper plan of action, you can clean your house yourself without having to clean all day long or spend entire weekends cleaning. This ebook will help you keep your house clean and tidy all the time without having to spend too much time cleaning. 
  • Of course, you could simply hire a maid to clean your house. But not everyone can afford a maid. With the right cleaning plan and tools, you can clean your house yourself and save your hard earned money. In addition, maids don't always live up to our expectations. So, even if you do have a maid, this book can help you provide them with a cleaning plan that works!

What do you get?

This step-by-step Cleaning Plan for 30 Days contains

  • Daily Lessons packed with advice, tips, inspiration and motivation
  • Daily cleaning tasks and a detailed cleaning Plan for each day
  • Useful tips and tricks  to help you achieve success
  • Motivational quotes
  • Daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules

And lots more useful resources and tools to help you achieve success. 


  • FREE PRINTABLE - My Top 20 Cleaning Tips
  • DISCOUNT link to my Signature Course, 30 Days to a Clean House, if you need additional motivation and accountability
  • DISCOUNT on my "Ebook Bundle" (Printable Workbook and Checklists to keep you on track)

WHY 30 Days to a Clean House?

Being a mom/homemaker, is extremely challenging. She is expected to take care of the house, cook delicious and healthy meals, raise kids, keep the husband happy and still have a CLEAN and tidy house!! It is almost impossible to stay SANE having all these responsibilities and not throw a fit when the husband comes home and the first words he says is, "Why is the place a mess? What have you done all day?"

I know how badly you want to have a clean house and I know that you CAN have it. I'm here to help you, because I've been there too and I know how it feels. If I hadn't taken action, God knows how much longer I would have gone on living in a mess, feeling stressed out, miserable and helpless; thinking that it was impossible for me to ever have a clean and tidy house. 

That is why I created this ebook (and the 30 Days to a Clean House course) to give you all that you need in order to have a house that is always clean and tidy. Of course, this will take hard work and determination. But I know that you can do this! If I could do it, so can you! So, get the book and just.get.started!

I can’t wait to see your success!

- Kimberly



Wow! Kimberly has taken an overwhelming chore and broken it down into bite-sized chunks. Focusing on daily cleaning habits and monthly cleaning habits really helps keep things manageable and doable. I love the idea of checklists and to-do's so that is a huge bonus with her free printables! Her top 20 tips are pure genius and very motivating. I like having a plan and appreciate Kimberly's e-book which I fondly call my cleaning bible!

- Cindy Vallone

I always loved cleaning but when I had children I felt it so hard to keep up with the house work and chores. Having 2 young kids makes it so hard to keep the house clean especially when I am running around after them. Kimberly’s ebook has really helped simplify and take the stress away from cleaning. She has really laid it all out and made it so simple to understand and implement. Just by reading it alone I got more clarity in my priority tasks and actually found that it helped me cleaning. Now I look forward to my clean as I am more organised. Thank you!!

- Santana blanco-Lista

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EBOOK - 30 Days to A Clean House

2 ratings
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